One moment while we load.

blueness of snow
mountain and sky undivided
in forgiveness

stars in the night sea
visible to those
with enough darkness

hunting for mushrooms
in the evening pine dunes
as you surf

fingertips on cold bark
listen for the deep winter
pulse in the heart-sap

steep valley sides
fill with winter gold

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The Web of Life

Special Soundbath and Yoga Workshop

Sunday 4th June 2023

Let’s Make Ghee

Join me online to make a batch of ghee together. Delicious, nourishing and so easy.

New date coming soon

Your Morning Routine: the essentials

What’s essential in your morning routine?

When you wake up in the morning, do you have a ritual that you follow?  Join this informal meetup to hear my morning routine secrets…

New date coming soon

Seasonal Yoga Nidra

A guided relaxation journey to bring seasonal balance, insight and rejuvenation. Online class

Next date tbc. Get the replays here


Restorative Yoga

Deep Rest: refresh + rejuvenate with these beautifully simple floor-based resting poses. Guided relaxation.

Next date coming soon

Yoga Classes + Outdoor Events

Practices and activities to wake up, strengthen, soften, flow, connect with nature, explore your creativity or find your focus.

I am currently only teaching bespoke privaste classes. Contact me to discuss working together.

Balance your doshas

Live recordings of my pranayama + meditation class. Choose which one you need each day to create balance. 

Restore with conscious rest

 Live recordings of my popular seasonal yoga nidras. Guided relaxation to align with your whole self + the rhythms of nature

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