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What I do instead of new year resolutions
“If we attune to the energy of winter… from under our blankets, during our walks in the bare woods, or in our contemplations of icy water….we can weave our dreams and nurture the small flame within us that wants to grow.”​

Happy new year to you x


Stillness can be an uncomfortable place. At this time of year, we are often tempted to go against the winter season, and rush back into ‘doing mode’ or perhaps instead collapse into exhaustion and mental fog. Often these are ways to stay asleep, to avoid what’s in our heart. Do be kind if you notice yourself in either pattern. I have done both.

Instead of new year resolutions, how about a focus on intention rather than actions and promises that can’t be kept? I invite you to stay slow, at least for another couple of days, and also get very awake. Then perhaps you can identify your Word of the Year.

Word of the Year is a simple idea to capture the essence of this flame and what we want to align with. In 2021 my word was softness and in 2022 it was surrender. It can take time, but once the word arrives, all feels well in my world as I am clear about my priorities.

The flame can burn gently in my subconscious until I am ready to emerge again as the year gets going and the light comes back.


How to find your Word of the Year..

Make some space to be still and go within and listen (keep doing this, without expectation). Perhaps sit with a blank page in your journal and a pencil in hand. Go for a walk, connect with nature and her current latent state. Be with all of your senses and the energy of winter.

This is an embodied process, rather than a mental one. Explore the messages from inside about what you want and what’s most important for the new journey.


Journal prompts –

  • How do you want to feel in 2023?
  • What is your heart yearning for?
  • What are you ready to create

Be patient, it can take time for your word to crystallise. You can try several out until one settles. Trust that you will know. Your word can change as the year progresses so don’t turn this into a massive decision!

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 Sending love to you for your new year

Kerry x

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