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Part 2: steps to recover from post-Covid depletion

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In addition to taking a complete life-pause to reset my nervous system and give space for healing, see Part 1, I also did physical things to shift out of the brain-fog and fatigue after having Covid. So, read on if you have already engaged with the fierce self-honesty questions in my previous article.

Many of these steps could apply to any illness, or mental recovery, although the characteristics of how you as an individual have gone out of balance inform the steps to rectify it (message me if you need help with this).

How I boosted my Ojas (inner radiance) and got my energy back:

  • Reset my eating rhythm – 3 simple warm cooked easy to digest meals a day and NO SNACKING
  • Reset my diet – NO SUGAR (of any kind), NO CAFFEINE and NO FLOUR
  • Deep rest – early nights every night and yoga nidra 2-3 times a day
  • Warmth – hot baths, hot water bottles, hot drinks, ginger, black pepper and even chilli
  • OIL, OIL, OIL everywhere, every orifice – I treated myself to a nourishing full-body oiling and self-massage TWICE A DAY! Non-toasted organic sesame oil in my ears, nose, eyes too and I ate spoonfuls and spoonfuls of homemade ghee. Oil enema/implants also helped….

….ssshhh you might want to keep the oil implant thing a secret, or if you are the curious type, hear about it here.

How did I know what to do?

I checked in with my body to find out what I needed, so mostly it is intuition. It takes time to get good at this but it is a skill you can grow. In Ayurveda terms, I realised that the main energy out of balance was Vata ( excess dryness, depletion, contraction, brain, nervous system) so I knew that the qualities of ‘warmth, oil, liquid and calm’ would restore balance.

I realised that the main energy out of balance was Vata

Awareness comes first, taking action comes second

I can help you empower yourself by getting better at listening to your body and, most importantly, acting on what you hear, pop me a message to talk about it or read about my wellness work here.

This energy reset was pleasurable and nourishing to do, the last thing we need in a scenario like this is deprivation. Rather, we want to send a reassuring message to our nervous system. Within 3 days or so I felt much better, and I set aside 2 weeks for the whole process, but most of these habits I have kept as they feel so good for how I am at the moment.

Helping people to boost their Ojas (inner juiciness) is my speciality and I have a simple 4 week online course to get you started.  Have a look here

Love to you,   Kerry x


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