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“I found freedom, depth and joy through new habits, ancient wisdom and self-honesty.”

‘I share simple ways to look after your whole self and glow with vitality.
I lead a community of people moving from ‘surviving to thriving’.
I care deeply about helping you align with who you really are.’

I know how it feels to have tried everything to stay well, yet true vitality, balance and calm remain elusive. I have fallen into the trap of continually trying to fix myself, leaving me feeling demoralized and drained. I am familiar with the frustrations of modern medicine’s piecemeal approach, treating a list of symptoms without ever getting to the root of the problem.

I know too how exhausting it is to be neuro-different, to be sensitive, to react differently to everyday things like caffeine, alcohol, stress, noise, screens, busyness, doctors, medication. To feel unheard and knowing I have to find my own answers.

I also know how it feels to take back control and create my own thrive. To unmask who I really am and stand up for what I need. To be confident that I am getting wiser with age! I know how important it is to let go of keeping up, to choose my own quieter path that empowers me to live life on my own terms.

My story begins over 20 years ago. I was outdoorsy, fit, healthy and active. From the outside I was “fine,” yet I was disconnected from my body, ignorant of my emotions, overly rational, lacking in career direction and insecure. I also had chronic back pain and repeating patterns of depression, burnout and feeling lost.

I thought it was just the way I was.
I was lucky enough to get married and have two babies, my lovely boys, who are now young adults. Ill-equipped for this huge shift in life and physiology, that’s when my health nose-dived. After the birth of my second son, I was really low, mentally and physically. I had recurrent chest infections, allergies and suffered from serious asthma. I was exhausted, pouring all my energy into mothering and becoming more depleted. I took lots of medication – and nothing shifted.

I struggled to understand why I was ‘failing’,
why I didn’t have the energy to work,
as well as to be a mother.

Thank goodness I had enough gumption to grasp Yoga when it crossed my path and also Polarity Therapy. As I explored these new perspectives, I became more mindful – a journey of self-discovery through alternative health was born, plus a new career! I learnt about posture, movement, breath, bodywork, Ayurveda, mind-body connection and emotional release. I began meditating and experimenting with diet and cleansing.

I questioned my assumptions, choices and judgements…I had lots of dark nights of the soul (sigh)…and some really great mentors (phew). Gradually, my pain went away and I became more whole and more aware. I worked through inflammatory issues and rosacea, plus the impact of chronic external stress. My asthma disappeared completely.

As my journey deepened, I explored embodiment, trauma, neuro-divergence, attachment and self-sabotage.  I began to realise that I have an ADHD brain and went through a process of grieving what my life could have been if I had know this earlier. I was doing well, but I felt fragile, like something was out of balance. I had a long and boring list of symptoms that I would occasionally take to my GP – signs of premature perimenopause, congestion, brain fog, allergies, low blood sugar and low energy. She shrugged and said to me, “If I had a pound for every woman of your age who comes to me with a list like that…”

After more than a decade of questions, doubts, discovery and learning, my dramatic turnaround came in 2018.  It was Ayurveda that offered the final leap towards being empowered to create the wellbeing stability that I craved.  Transformation came through immersing myself in the theory AND being coached to really live the Ayurvedic habits every day AND doing this work in a dynamic, supportive group.

Through Ayurveda, I finally got to know…

how to get to the root of things

where I create disease – and where I create wellness

how I need to live to create balance and joy in my life

that good digestion is the key

I know now that I need to keep my relationship with nature and beauty at the centre of my life, like it was when I was a child, or a Zoology student. I need to follow my senses, curiosity and wonder and whilst staying grounded through stability, routine and quiet.
Far from the complicated rules that so often dictate our health, Ayurveda is very accessible, flowing and intuitive. I made simple changes to my way of living, eating and being that stabilised my hormones, my digestion, my respiratory system and my energy. These habits and rituals have given me a foundation of contentment, calm, creativity and confidence that is now my base-line in life.

Now my passion and purpose is to inspire, encourage and support others to develop their own journey of healing. People used to come to me for bodywork or a weekly yoga class, hoping to soothe their ailments. What I offer now is more powerful, more empowering and has better returns. It is about becoming your own self-healer. I have found that healing while being held in the accountability, trust and connection of a dynamic group is life-changing and so my Thrive program was born.

A little bit

My life pivots around being outside and connected to nature. I am a cold-water dipper, a paddle-boarder, a forager, a tree lover and a hill climber. I adore the beautiful west coast of Scotland – with the sea, lochs, woods and mountains easily reached from my base in Helensburgh. I love dancing, yoga, rock hopping, moving my body in ways that make me happy. I love silence and time alone and this essential to prevent ADHD burnout. I explore my mind and the parts of my inner self through writing, drawing and meditation. I am passionate about fostering connection.

I am a mother to two adult sons and value the lessons I’ve learned along this parenting journey so far. I am a woman in the wild ride of perimenpause and I am more creative, mischievous, compassionate and intuitive than ever.

I believe we get wiser as we age, more able to create our health and balance. I am driven to inspire other women to take control through their habits, uncovering an innate connection to life’s rhythms and self-understanding.

“Kerry was immediately inspiring and her excitement and positivity about the course were infectious. She is well informed about all the habits and provided useful suggestions. She has a kind and caring approach during one-to-one coaching, encouraging group members to seek solutions to their difficulties without offering an opinion. She is gentle, yet persistent, patiently asking pertinent questions until clarity is found. Kerry is professional and organised, sets clear boundaries and goals and at the same time is fun and a joy to work with.”

– Katherine, Thrive Together

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