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Imagine yourself living a juicy flowing life with fun, ease and loving connections. I can help with a clear path to get there…

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Thrive wellbeing COURSE

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Flow can feel far away if you are scattered, overwhelmed or exhausted from trying to do it all. Perhaps you are also worried about chronic health issues, inflammation, unbalanced digestion or menopause challenges? I am Kerry McKay, and I have helped many women turn this around with my online Thrive program and it is way easier than you might think once you find the root cause.  I can help you rebalance your body, mind, emotions and relationships and experience more spaciousness, joy, energy and creativity. I can help you restore your self-love, opening up a more connected and meaningful future.  No quick fixes here, Thrive is a slow meaningful journey of transformation to take forward into your future.

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 The Thrive online wellbeing program offers a simple framework to help you find a rhythm in your days that allows you to care for your whole self, freeing you up to get on with what’s important to you in life.  We focus on the key pillars of health: movement, mindfulness, proper rest, deep nourishment and gut health.

 The Thrive process supports you to create new habits and eating patterns to evolve your health from the inside out through enhanced digestion and energy balance. We make space for inflammation, stress and menopause symptoms to resolve naturally.  When you are ready, it also supports you to explore your inner beliefs, emotions and separated parts of your self. Life becomes simpler, easier and infused with a sense of belonging. You reconnect with your own innate rhythm and the rhythms of the earth. As your nervous system stabilises, you become more resilient, more attuned to your intuition and new possibilities, paths and relationships blossom.  You will get to root of what you need to be truly well and happy and become more of who you actually are.


“I found several packs of Kalms herbal stress tablets when cleaning out old handbags, and realised it’s been 2yrs+ since I’ve even thought about using them. It is a concrete reminder of my growth.  Now, when something unsettles me I find calm within through the habits and tools I have learnt.”

– Robin, Thrive Together

Dive in with us.
Begin your journey to wholeness in Nov, March or Aug. Small group with limited spaces.

Thrive is a group coaching journey of transformation and self-knowledge blending ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga with modern life to create a foundation of balance, wellness and ease. The course is rooted in empathy, encouragement and accountability, creating a nurturing container for everyone. Get in touch if you are ready for support to become more whole and more you.  Ask about early bird rates. 

Helping you find your own path to thrive.

Cheryl’s Thrive Journey


Rachel’s Thrive Journey


Lindsay’s Thrive Journey


Liz’s Thrive Journey


Elaine’s Thrive Journey



“Thrive Together has made me much more aware of my habits, my body, how I interact with the world and spend my time. It has helped me eat better, cook healthier, sleep better and feel calmer.  I have become much more thoughtful about my life and I am learning to prioritise my own needs.”

– Jane, Thrive Together

find your THRIVE
Slow Sustainable change over 10 months

  • Weekly group meetings on Zoom, except in summer
  • Online training hub with videos + resources
  • Hardcopy book
  • Printable course materials + worksheets
  • Online community forum
  • Quarterly co-created meetup, online. Anything from sharing poetry, virtual yoga sessions, chatting, chanting, cooking, art therapy – and beyond.
  • In-person meetup in Scotland (optional), 1 per year. This gathering might be forest bathing, a campfire on the beach, outdoor yoga, deep relaxation, creative exercises, or sharing a meal. Together we’ll decide what feels best for the group.
    Deep dives into your challenges, inner world and your patterns. Compassionate support, advice and insight to allow your whole self to shine. 

After thrive you will have…

  • An understanding of what and how to eat to create optimal digestion, hormone balance, energy and clarity
  •  Embedded the right kind of exercise and movement into your life
  • Found a healthier relationship with sleep and rest
  • Tools to support your mind, emotions and nervous system
  • Crafted your own unique rhythm and ritual in your days
  • Explored new self-care practices that serve you best
  • Established better boundaries eg around device use
  • A deepening sense of your true nature, your future and how to create balance
  • Embraced a deeper trust in your own intuitive voice and inner wisdom
  • Illuminated your personal sabotage patterns – and begun to disrupt them!

Your Investment

If you do what you have always done, change won’t happen. Living without true ease and below your full potential is costly and I invite you to do something different. Coaching is an investment in a different future and prices range from £600-£2,300 depending on the route and level of support that is right for you.  Ask me about my Early Bird discounts. Join my email list below to receive the latest offers.

Hear from Paula about why you should take the leap


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the thrive process:

Learn and embed 10 simple Ayurvedic daily habits into life. Work in a group to expand your perspective, create new habits and build connection and authenticity. Relax and enjoy the journey as you are supported by the process for 10 months. It takes time to make lasting changes, this is not about quick fixes.  We allow space to rest, reflect and integrate along the way as well as work with your sabotage patterns! There are 3 rounds of training, flowing with the seasons, lasting around 12 weeks each. Each one is a chance to go deeper with your explorations and evolution.

Does this sound familiar? 
You value holistic approaches, you understand the need to build habits that nurture and nourish…but life never seems to give you enough space, there just aren’t enough hours in a day.  Between the demands of work, chores and caring for others, there’s little time or energy left for you or your love of nature, exercise, yoga or meditation. You try to eat a healthy diet, but find yourself in decision fatigue as you struggle to digest all the latest theories on nutrition.  I do understand… this was me a few years ago. I was confused and seeking answers but scattergun in my approach.  I exhausted myself trying everything from paleo, to herbs, to supplements, to therapy…

Organise your free consultation and let’s get clear together.

Creating space to step back and review is in itself a transformative step and a gift to self. In this call my aim is to support you to decide what’s best for you. We will get clear about where you are now in life and health and where you want to be. We can explore your needs and whether we are a good fit to share this journey together.


“The course is a wonderful gift to others offering a beautiful and challenging path for deep growth, with the right combination of guidance, questioning, deep listening, gentle nudging and holding as well as providing space for us.”

– Robin, Thrive Together

Frequently Asked Questions

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When can I start?

Enrolment for the Thrive community is open! You can join us in March, August or November 2024. Click here to claim your spot and prepare to finally take good care of your whole self. Sign up early to catch the early bird pricing and to give yourself space and to benefit from ‘Prep School’ which includes some light preparatory tasks.

What if I can’t make all the meetings?
Life happens. An audio replay will be available to ensure you don’t miss anything when it does. We don’t have formal meetings in July and August.
I am busy, what is the time investment?
Contact me for a detailed course overview including time commitments. With Thrive Together, we focus directly on shifting our boundaries and establishing integrity around our use of time. We are aiming to create an ease-ful, spacious life.
I don’t do yoga. Is that a problem?!

Practising yoga postures is not a requirement. Your interest in taking responsibility for looking after your whole self, coupled with a desire to build a more meaningful mindful life is enough.

I am already a yogi. Is Thrive for me?

I will answer that with a question. Do you have the ease and radiance that you would like?  If not then inner and outer change is required and deeper self-connection rather than more learning. Thrive is about living the practices in an embodied intuitive way and diving deeper into Ayurveda. Yoga teachers often join Thrive and find it brings something in that was missing before.

DO I HAVE TO JOIN FOR a whole year?

Thrive is 10 months of training, usually over 12 months. In special circumstances it may be possible to join for 3 months to get a flavour of the process.
Thrive is all about seasonal living. Each season offers different energy and unique challenges, together we learn how to find balance in each one. Sustainable transformation comes from small changes that are repeatable and create a compound effect that builds over time. This approach sets you on a new trajectory with more balance and less drama. We also need time to identify and experience our self sabotage patterns, to grow the habit of returning to our true self, eventually letting go of old identities.
Time is such a gift that most participants choose to stay on for a second year!

The THRIVE ROUTE isn’t for me, how else can I work with you?

We are all on our own unique journey and there is no rush or pressure here. You can opt for a tailored approach by working with me individually over 3 months, or simply dip your toe in the water with one of my short courses. Learn more about my 4-week course offering, Get Juicy. Book your place straight away or schedule a time below to talk about what suits your particular situation.

Hear directly from course members about working with me:

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