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Infuse your wellness journey with holistic wisdom, personal guidance and community connection.

My online Thrive Together Coaching Community offers a clear path to find your ease, reclaim your energy and live your best life or ask me about working together one to one.

Wellness coaching offers a simple framework to help you find a routine that allows you to truly care for your whole self, from the food you eat, to creating time for movement, meditation and deep rest. Through the wisdom and practices of Ayurveda and Yoga, I will guide you to be more aligned and at ease in your body, mind and your daily life.

Let’s talk about what you want to align with


“Making the decision to join Deeper Thrive was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Struggling with poor sleep, negative thinking, low mood and a scattered approach to self care I was hungry for positive change . The weekly group meetings and monthly coaching calls provided me with a safe space to explore the habits and stuck emotions which were not serving me well.

Kerry is an amazing coach with many skills. She has great intuition, compassion and a cheeky sense of humour. The support of fellow thrivers lifted me up, carried me along with their encouragement and friendship.

I now have a toolbox overflowing with resources which I will be using to maintain my progress. I have learned how to slow down and attend to my own needs without feeling guilty. I can now acknowledge the negative thoughts, let them go, allowing flow and ease within myself. My heartfelt thanks to Kerry for her support guidance and patience. Thrive has been a wonderful experience and given me a completely fresh approach to self and indeed to life itself in all its fullness. ”

– Rebecca, Thrive Together

Are you ready to go deeper?

I  invite you on a journey of transformation blending ancient wisdom with modern science to create a foundation of balance, health and ease.  Somatic exercises, mindset tools, techniques from Habit Change Science blended with Ayurvedic practices and yoga.  Thrive is group process with encouragement and accountability, creating a safe and welcoming container to root your growth. 
Individual coaching tailored just for you and your situation is available over 2-3 months. Let’s explore where you are and where you would like to be


“Cleaning out old handbags and work bags, I found several packs of Kalms herbal stress tablets and realised it’s been 2yrs+ since I’ve even thought about using them. I used to keep some in every bag in case of need.

Discovering them and not even remembering my last feeling of need is a concrete reminder of my growth. No longer do I look outside to find calm. I can cultivate ease within myself through my habits.

Now, when something unsettles me I find calm within. I only need to follow my breath, take a moment to go within, move, find fresh air, walk in nature, stare in wonder at the waving limbs of a tree to find my way back. These things are my new “tablets” that are always with me!”

– Robin, Thrive Together
Helping you find your own path to thrive.

In Thrive Together, course members create new habits to evolve their health from the inside out as better digestion, improved energy and mindset training leads to transformation of personal relationships and a clearer, more balanced and aligned path in your life or career. Life becomes simpler, easier, infused with a sense of belonging, reconnecting you with your own innate rhythm and the rhythms of the earth.


“The course is a wonderful gift to others offering a beautiful and challenging path for deep growth, with the right combination of guidance, questioning, deep listening, gentle nudging and holding as well as providing space for us.”

– Robin, Thrive Together

Organise your free consultation and let’s get clear together.

Creating space to step back and review is in itself a transformative step and a gift to self. In this call my aim is to support you to decide what’s best for you. We will get clear about where you are now in life and health and where you want to be. We can explore your needs and whether we are a good fit to share this journey together.

Wellness Coaching & Thrive Together Course

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