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Deeper Thrive with Kerry McKay is a journey from stress-ful to ease-ful living in 12 months.   Create the future you want by finding rhythm in your days, enhancing your self care and deepening your relationships. Boost your digestive system and build your immunity to become resilient in these challenging times. 

Watch the wonderful videos below to hear directly from participants: their precious outcomes, journeys, awakenings and what it is like to work with Kerry and be a member of this wonderful group.

*DOORS OPEN until 12th April or join us in September*
Uncover more of your potential and take better care of the planet and your self.
Book a discovery conversation with me to discuss your health vision or to find out more.

Becoming Embodied. Hear from course member Liz about the Thrive Experience,

From Pain to Ease. Hear from course member Elaine about the Thrive Experience

Slowing Down. Hear from course member Sandy about the Thrive Experience

Learning to Love my Body. Hear from course member Lindsay about the Thrive Experience

Are you looking for:

  • more energy
  • waking naturally and happily in the morning
  • full nourishment from food and sleep
  • simplicity re what and how to eat
  • amazing self-care habits
  • better connections with others
  • more depth and meaning to your life
  • groundedness, calm, inspiration and creativity
  • a sense of belonging… join a community who wish to grow

A new trajectory is possible.  It is all about tiny habits and incremental change. Small simple changes  repeated daily  reap big rewards

This course is for you if you are:

  • low in energy/ tired
  • not waking up feeling positive and rested
  • feeling anxiety/ tension/ overwhelm
  • foggy in your thinking
  • in pain
  • struggling with inflammatory issues
  • having auto immune issues
  • having digestive issues
  • experiencing hormone imbalances
  • eating in a disordered way
  • disconnected from self or others
  • not having fun, generally uninspired
  • wondering what to do with your life

Interested? When can you join?

Sign up by 12th April and start your journey with us this April. There is another intake in September or even January 2022. Signing up early gives you a discount PLUS you get free coaching from me straight away to ensure you get off to a great start. See price details below.
Get in touch and we can discuss what is right for you.


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Deeper Thrive is a revolutionary habit changing health course with me, Kerry McKay, yoga teacher and holistic health coach.  We are a dynamic group of individuals committed to personal evolution, mutual support and living life with more ease.  Our journey is based on 10 simple Ayurvedic  habits that we embed into daily life in small steps to build greater vitality. We create a daily routine that genuinely nourishes as well as simplifying decision-making.  Get in touch now to begin a conversation about how you can take your wellness to the next level. 

Deeper Thrive course webpage. Get the details here.

Organise a free Wellness Review with Kerry to get clear about where you would like change or to know more about the course.  Text me on 07920 802877 or Click here to view my calendar and book a slot.

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Deeper Thrive Course : When can I start?

Ready to join us? The next opportunity to join formal group meetings is April 2021, sign up by 12th.  Get in touch now as there is a process to get ready.   Sign up early to make the most of the preparation process and receive coaching with me straight away. Group meetings will begin on 18th April or you can join them in September and have lots of time to ease in. Expect to find more flow and ease through grounding habits that you come to rely on. Life throws challenges our way. Not only do we cope so much better when our health-ful habits are established,  but we are clear about the routines we wish to return to each time we lose our balance.