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Diversity Sprinkle in Spring

Get diversity onto your plate in Spring

In Spring we follow what’s going on in our habitat and begin eating more green leaves. The bitter taste and the boost of prana (energy) are perfect for cleansing and lightening after winter.

The more different types of plant, the bigger range of micro-nutrients and the more diversity it will encourage in your gut micro-biome which is fundamental to your health (and mood and your life experience).  There is also something so primal and satisfying about going out to the woods to pick your breakfast, well it makes me happy even in the rain like today.

How to power up your soup (or any bowl of goodness)

I added nettles, cleavers and wild garlic to my breakfast mung dal soup as it warmed, then sprinkled beech leaves, lime leaves, hawthorn leaves, wood sorrell and golden saxifrage on top.

Today is going to be a good day!

Tree leaves are a great foraging option if you live in a town, and now is the time to pick them as they are young and succulent and without too much tanin. 

My Thrive course and community is about bringing seasonal living to the centre of your life to create health and wilder fulfilment.

Love to you

Kerry x

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