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Are you spending or investing?

2 years ago exactly I invested a frightening amount of money in myself.

I signed up for a 2 year coaching program to upgrade my business and become a holistic health coach. It was the most money I had ever spent (borrowed), other than my mortgage….times ten. It was one of the scariest things I have ever done and required a change in my whole belief system.

I took the leap as I began to understand this money wasn’t ‘spent’, the training wasn’t a ‘cost’, it was an investment in me, my skills and my future. I hoped it would pay me back in a myriad of ways and benefit those around me. The new skills and knowledge would enable me to offer more value to community and clients, to serve them better, bringing me closer to my dharma (life purpose).

Ben Hardy, organizational psychologist:

“The fastest way to shatter your subconscious sense of what you ‘deserve’ is to invest in yourself. When you spend money on your goals and dreams — you are signaling to yourself that you deserve more than you presently have. You are no longer satisfied with what you have. You are committed to something bigger.”


I am posting this today as I am celebrating – I have now paid back the money I borrowed from the training company and from friends and family who kindly supported me. I am proud of this completion. And I now lead a year-round habit-change and wellness programme, Thrive Together.

This has grown into a transformative and supportive community, through its brave members who believe in shaking up the normal, and we are on the journey together. There is lots of evidence now that it is easier and more effective to grow within the container of a dynamic group. You are surrounded by people who uphold you to your best self and challenges and successes are shared.

I talk to people now about taking a similar leap to mine…about changing their habits to align with their desires for true vitality…about where they are sabotaging what they really want, masking their potential. The change of patterning is scary and so is investing money and time in it. I can empathise.

A shift has to happen in our subconscious before we commit. What-ifs, fog, self-doubt and confusion come hand in hand with big personal investments, with acting as if we believe we have more potential. In fact, they are a sign that the ego is changing (shattering?), and the higher-self is emerging. The key to navigating this is taking small safe steps and not going it alone. Then the more invested you are, the more growth will occur.

As we move towards life opening up again, have you taken a pause to re-orient and ensure you move forward with direction? Does that question make you nervous? (It’s ok if it does). Get in touch if you would like to explore the possibilities of what could change for you. We will get clear about your vision and what is holding you back. Your ego won’t thank you but your higher-self will!

Ben Hardy, isn’t afraid of asking the challenging questions (see more in the link):

  • “Your current sense of “normal” is what you presently believe you deserve.
  • What would happen if you hired a personal trainer? Would you see that as a cost or an investment?
  • What would happen if you hired a mentor or a private coach or joined a mastermind?Would you see that as a cost or an investment?
  • If you see things as a cost, then you have a victim mentality. You want other people to do the work for you.
  • When you see things as an investment, then you realize that you have the power to create your own experience.”
  • “Everything is an investment to those who are growth-oriented.
  • Every relationship is an investment.
  • Every decision is an investment.
  • Every moment is an investment, because all of these things are pulling you forward with compound interest toward the future you’ve already committed to.
  • You cannot be committed without investment. That is a law of human nature. Your degree of commitment is reflected in your depth of personal and financial investment.”

Ben Hardy, How to Upgrade your Subconscious

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