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Whats Love Got To Do With It?

What’s Love Got to Do with It?

I didn’t intend to write this post but over the last week it has been continually trying write me! I have surrendered, despite my vulnerabilities around “what could I possibly have to add to this topic?”

So here goes.  Two things I have discovered:

Love is a feeling state

Love is a practice

And, they are quite different, although each creates the other.

Sounds obvious hey? But wisdom is something that we (hopefully) embody more deeply with time. What’s new for me is a body-based knowing rather than an intellectual understanding.

The feeling state of love in my body is a warm, liquidy, expansive, slow rush of delight. It has immense weight & incredible lightness at the same time. I have learnt most about this since beginning to occasionally feel this rush of affection towards myself!

It had never occurred to me that actual ‘in love’ feelings for self were possible so it was a shock.

Self-love can be the whole warm, tingly, ‘in love’ package as opposed to just being gently kind towards yourself & trying to create a softer inner voice!

Now I go to bed at night with a feeling of “I can’t wait to see you again”. It is an excitement about more time with me, more time being me! Sounds weird, but it is wholly pleasant & healthy. It spills out into more love for others & for the world around us. I notice an inspired glowing warmth more of the time in more of my relationships, both new & old. .

The practice of love was presumably key in creating this shift. All that deep self-care and therapy (!) created enough safety for love from within to be unleashed.

The practice of love is beginning to feel less like work, especially in my relationship with my now adult sons. As they create their own lives, make their own decisions and mistakes, I am getting better at noticing when I am in resistance to who they are & what’s going on. I am getting better at surrendering, staying back & just coming back to the feeling state of love.

It feels very free

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Kerry x


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