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Becoming More Whole

Attaching to specific goals and outcomes can have limited usefulness in our journeys with habits, health and personal evolution.  The curve-ball of the pandemic reinforced that lesson for most of us. Oh yes!

The trajectory of our wellness however, the ways in which we are changing and growing and how we feel about our journey, is vital. It offers us meaning for our time on this earth and less need for control. It offers us a graceful path through obstacles and into later life. I think of it as a spiral, as it isn’t a linear experience.

I know I am becoming more whole. I can feel it.

Maybe I am only at the surface but I feel that I am slowly coming home to more of my whole self and that truly is enough.

More whole does not mean more perfect, nor even more healthy.  It means, for example, being brave enough to get to know the different sides of your self. The parts that you don’t like. The hurt parts, the grieving parts, the reactive parts, the shadowy parts. 

Being brave enough to love your ‘scattered selves’,

With time and support we become brave enough to love these ‘scattered selves’, understand them and invite them to integrate with who you are now.  We find the courage to show them to others (gulp!). This idea of wholeness is how I would describe our work as an embodied human. 

Are you drawn to embark upon a slow nurturing journey towards wholeness?  Pop me a message about my Thrive Wellness Course, it is the ultimate wellness journey. 


Love to you,   Kerry x


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