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Signs that you need to cleanse
  Signals from the body that
a spring cleanse is in order

Are you feeling any of these?

  • snotty
  • itchy
  • sluggish
  • overwhelmed
  • gassy
  • jittery
  • angry
    (or maybe you prefer the word frustrated!)

You may be in need of some spring cleaning. Most of us are at this time of year. See below for a longer list of signals from the body.

In Ayurveda we cleanse with the seasonal transitions, in spring and autumn, to help us rebalance ready for the summer/winter. In spring we need to shake off the sluggishness of winter and get our metabolisms going as the light fills our days.

A cleanse isn’t just about food (although that is a good place to start) and it doesn’t have to involve any fasting.  We can view it as simplifying everything and replacing unhelpful inputs with nourishing ones. In fact, we could use the word Reset instead so that your nervous system doesn’t go into a deprivation mindset (really not helpful).

The first step is to check in with how you are so that you can identify what you need to re-balance.


Signs that you need a reset this spring

  • Your digestion or appetite is feeling sluggish
  • A furred up tongue in the mornings (yuk!)
  • Puffy eyes in the morning
  • You are grazing, scattered, jittery or have brain fog
  • You have congestion/mucous (sinuses, lungs, nose etc)
  • Allergies or rashes
    (I get an itchy rash on the back of my head every spring)
  • Craving sugar, salt, processed foods etc
  • Craving numbing activities (like scrolling)
  • Your mood is off (anxious, overwhelm, irritable, sad)
  • Low energy or motivation

What to do?

  1. Do a simple cleanse at home. Create some space in your schedule and plan 3 days of simple nourishing whole foods and quiet time. Decide if cutting out snacking, sugar, caffeine and alcohol is doable too for those focus days.
  2. Need some loving support to shift your habits? I may be to help book a call and we can discuss where you would like to change.
  3. Join my  Thrive online wellbeing group   which is a slow sustainable process of shifting to a simpler more nourishing diet and lifestyle. Learn how to monitor your body’s signals, attune to the seasons and dive deep into your true nature.

Reach out and connect with me and we will review your wellbeing and your needs

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Kerry x

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