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Imbolc: ready to awaken?
 what is your response to the year calling you to expand again?

Are you noticing any inner stirrings?

Don’t worry if you just want to hide under the duvet, or if you hit January at top speed and are wondering why I am still talking about the year beginning in February!

Imbolc is an invitation to pause to be with your heart, and nothing needs to be done. See my suggestions below.


As the light comes back after the dark hibernation of winter, there is a stirring beneath the surface, within the soil. At Imbolc we are halfway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. The energy is rising and the change is palpable if not visible. We don’t need to get busy, simply go beneath the surface also, and listen to our hearts and give space for what is taking root.

Now is the time to review how imbalance is showing up in your body and mind after winter and take action before symptoms become disease.


Hearing the body’s subtle warning signs, and knowing how to come back to balance, is an essential life skill that forms the basis of my coaching work to support people to create their own radiance. Opportunities to work with me include joining the Thrive group  or individual coaching. Book a chat to talk about working together.  


How to be with Imbolc, some suggestions


  • REST – be still to honour your energy and receive the life force
  • REFLECT – pause to hear and feel what’s in your heart
  • REVIEW – where are you out of balance, what do you need
  • RECEIVE – the returning sun, get out into the light, every day, as much as possible
  • REACH – gently lift your arms, move your ribs, listen to your spine, softly mobilise
  • RESPIRE – playfully explore all the ways your body can breathe, have fun with it

​I can offer you some space to talk about where you want more balance and empowerment .  

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Kerry x

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