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Part 1: self-honesty in recovering from post-Covid depletion

How to hamper your recovery from Covid (or any health issue)

The pic is me collapsed after a 3 mile cycle near home! Having Covid left me in a funk of brain fog and fatigue that only shifted when I started to take it seriously, when I was willing to stop completely and do a total reset.

Whether it is a virus infection, an injury or a painful life event, we all know we need to take proper time out, but we so rarely do. I often witness the pattern of people desperately trying to crawl out of a healing crisis and it really makes me cry….cry with compassion, and also frustration as it is likely to hamper the recovery.

If you are struggling to recover from something, here are some questions that require some fierce self-honesty…

  • Have you COMPLETELY STOPPED….everything? (a nervous system reset will only happen if you clear your plate, even for 3 days)
  • Are you in fixing mode? (left brain dominant, researching solutions)
  • Are you trying to push through? (striving to get back to normal, disappointed when you don’t)
  • How are you relating to the fact you can’t do what you usually do? (is it bringing up warm compassion towards yourself or something else)
  • Are you afraid of letting people down? (or are you doing too much then crashing afterwards?)
  • Are you curious about the potential gifts of the situation? (what you might learn by going inward)​

So, what does your spectrum of answers tell you about your self?

Go gently. I understand, it can be uncomfortable to acknowledge our relationship with vulnerability. Mine is still a work in progress but it is beginning to shift slowly.

It can be uncomfortable to acknowledge our relationship with vulnerability


I suggest that stopping and going deep into a healing process is actually the fast-track way to get better (but let’s pretend I didn’t say that as we don’t want to be in fixing mode!) We want to be in true listening and healing mode, sending a clear message to the body, mind and nervous system that we will create as much space as is needed. Of course we may have children, pets, unchangeable commitments but it is still important to do what we can, and ask for help.

Helping people to recover their Ojas (inner juiciness) from depletion is my speciality and I have a simple 4 week online course to get you started.  Take a look at Juicy Radiance here. 

Old patterns are hard to shift without support. I can help you see your blind spots as well as shift into a more loving relationship with self and I have a couple of spaces for 1-2-1 coaching in May. Send me a message to chat about it or browse my website for personalised coaching and holistic wellness

In addition to stopping, of course I also did some physical things, see next blog post.

​With oceans of love to you

Kerry x

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