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Depression, shadow + the dark

I used to get depressed every winter.

By early December I was struggling and afraid of not making it through until Spring. Depression is like being in the mountains. The mist can arrive imperceptibly, you keep walking yet your focus has moved inward. When you finally wake up to what is happening, you are already engulfed and lost. It’s a painful cycle, and I wish more people knew how avoidable it is.

Now my relationship with winter is healed. It is a favourite time of year and I embrace the short days rather than resist. I love the rest and the rituals. When sadness or fear visits, I usually remember to give it space.

I believe I would still be in this low mood cycle if I hadn’t

  • learnt how to be with my own shadow side
  • embraced the sacred cycles of the seasons
  • made significant changes to my diet and lifestyle

​Winter – a reflection of our relationship with the dark(and perhaps our mothers!).

As the year quietens, slowing down and resting are priorities so that we can accept the invitation to go within and feel more of how we are. Winter can cradle us like a mother so we can let go. This can be uncomfortable so we distract ourselves with frenetic festivities and flashing lights. I find intentions and curiosity really help. What if the whole point is to be with discomfort and shadow? What if my rebirth in spring depends on me passing through the womb of winter now?

​Does that kindle some ease for you?

Over time we learn to flow with all our inner and outer seasons. To stay with our hurt parts and not abandon ourselves when we aren’t feeling light and inspired. Supporting people to do this is central to my wellbeing coaching as I believe it is the path to freedom, transformation and deeper connection.

If you feel low mood creeping in this year, I empathise. See if you can breathe with it for a moment. You aren’t alone and do get some support.

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With love

Kerry x

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