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Menopause is messy…and spiritual?

For me the perimenopausal process so far is a chaotic mix of grief, scatter, fog, identity confusion and contentedness.

Huh!  We are all unique but perhaps you resonate with some of that?

Transitions are messy because they are unpredictable. They demand surrender and adaptation which most of us find (very?) hard. How we view the journey is crucial. What happens if you pause now and honour the turmoil, the emotions, the chaotic feminine energy and view it as an opportunity, a beginning, a call for more spirituality?

Does your heart relax a little?

​Menopause is a major life transition as well as a hormonal one. Like Autumn, it is a cycling back to the earth, to the power of feminine principles. We are invited to simplify life, to shed what we don’t need or want and focus on what we do. This may require new levels of maturity, honesty and authenticity…keystones of a spiritual life.

People-pleasing ends here. It’s time to get real….and fierce!​

​I have the privilege of supporting women with these vast topics as well as the physical side of enhancing hormone balance through lifestyle and diet. I observe them becoming stronger and, not only returning to their whole selves, but feeling more whole than ever before.

The conversations we have are incredible and I have learnt that authentic connection is central to this journey: with ourselves, each other and with what gives us meaning beyond the material.

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How to nurture your spirit on the menopausal journey


  1. Connect with people – we need to love and feel loved more than ever. Spend more time with the right people: friends, family, therapists, yoga teachers etc. Get support of all kinds, share the turmoil, say what you need, give yourself permission to receive. Think laterally eg what can the men in your life offer you at the moment?
  2. Connect with your body – know what brings you into your physical self and soothes your nervous system so that you are present to experience the journey and the feelings. Self massage, exercise, movement, meditation, breathwork, rest, cold swimming…and so on.
  3. Connect with your desires – write a list of what you want out of life. The big stuff. Get really specific and keep it simple. What’s actually important to you now? Align your actions with your list. (I know this is hard, and coaching can really help)

    This is a process of creating safety for your emotions and intuition through regular habits, embodiment practices and authentic connection. From here you can expand into meaning, soul and the universe. This, I am delighted to say, is what my coaching work is all about. 

    Let’s talk and I will help you press pause and review where you are and what you want.  

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Much love to you

Kerry x

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